About the Author

Is an expatriate living  in Guyana, South America.

An inveterate blogger who resolves to document the joys and travails of expat life in Guyana.


5 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. It’s funny when two things that are familiar come together for the first time… one being a friend and the other my old hunting ground for work and adventure Georgetown/Guyana. I am of course keen to learn more about both. Do keep up the observations and writing and occasionally put in more pics or better still drawings and portraits!

  2. I have heard that Brazilian-style grilled meat (beef?) is excellent Davina – is it prepared by marinating or fresh on the open fire of local wood coals?

    • It is Tim, absolutely delicious. I’ll detail the preparatory processes next time I visit. But they do marinate the various cuts of meat (beef, pork, chicken) at the place we go to. Apparently, there’s game as well, if you happen to catch a wayward caiman swimming in the canal. No, I’m not kidding.

  3. Kaynene said:

    Beautiful pieces of writing Babe, I enjoyed reading Acid attacks in Guyana and Swank. Keep the good work and keep us posted. Enjoy and thanks for reconnecting. God bless.

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