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I discovered Sorrel or rather Roselle on a recent sojourn at Bourda Market. Sorrel is the common name for name for Hibiscus sabdariffa (of the family Malvaceae). The parts of the flower that are used are the sepals and the calyces, which are a dark red in colour. The infusions of the calyces are a regarded as diuretic and also stimulate intestinal peristalsis.

A friend gave me a recipe that used sorrel in jam with orange peel. I made a jelly from an infusion of sorrel in water. The solid chopped sorrel roughage I mixed with orange peel and sugar, with a bit of cranberry juice for a delectable jam.

Sorrel is used in Guyana to make a tasty drink that contains in addition to the sorrel, some clove and orange peel. Another alternative, if you prefer something other than Mauby bark infusions.