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Aww, this was an experience. I do not know if it was worth the trouble to actually go file a report for two stolen car mirrors.

But since my husband is out of town and thus unable to influence my thought processes, or infuse practical sense into them, I decide to take matters into my own hands and head out to the station.

And there I find Princess Harry and Professor Higgins. And three other persons. And they kept yelling for someone called George, intermittently. Harry was positively languorous and could hardly move the pen on the page, although she peppered the effort with questions on whether I was mixed race and so on, so forth. She looked to be delighted with me appearing at the station at the odd hour and was gleeful as she proceeded to lengthen the visit.

Higgins was good at writing; he wrote 30 lines of the report in five minutes as opposed to Harry who took 45 !

It was a unique experience. Especially the detective who dictated my report to Higgins in 5 minutes. He even instructed Harry to write down my American address !! I had to intervene: ” But I am not American !”

In the initial time I spent there, on a chair, in a room reeking of the smell of urine from a nearby toilet, I felt bad for the police. That they had to sit there hours of the day and be immune to it. No wonder ‘George’ kept disappearing with his ‘berry’.

And who is George anyways???!!! That’s the mystery in the Police Sation in an area named after a Japanese Cat.