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If I could venture to post my feelings of being deeply wronged, in poetic parlance, the words would still appear harsh , more  like an arrythmic beating heart.

I am ‘vexed’ that my car mirrors were stolen outside my place of employment. It appears many persons have lost their mirrors to thieves recently (even if they have the car number etched on them). So if the etching doesn’t deter them, I wonder what else will.

Some research yielded that a man was out on bail, may 30th, when he appeared on a larceny charge of having stolen a car mirror. I was just amazed to find a report on justice being meted out for the stealing of a car mirror.

We might not find the person, even though my workplace has CCTV cameras. It’s not the value of the mirrors that disturbs me  as much as it  hurts that someone can wrong you intentionally. The good part is, at least it was not the ‘entire’ car !

I went to the police station at Prashad Nagar who told me that even though the crime occurred in the area under their jurisdiction, they did not oversee traffic offences, for which I would have to approach the station at Kitty. Will go shortly since it has to be reported within 24 hours.