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There’s this poor little creature that trawls the neighbourhood and inadvertantly ends up under my car if I park it outside. He throws such a heartrending glance at me and I truly am at a loss at how I can be of help to him.

His entire body is devoid of fur and bears symptoms of fungal infection, which could be systemic as well because of his movements that appear painful and slow.

There is no way I can administer antifungal drugs to this poor thing as he already appears far gone in terms of spread of disease. Since he’s a stray, I have no control over his movements either.

This is the case of most strays in Guyana. They appear so battered and bruised. Worse still, fungal infections spread so easily through contact and so a vast majority appear emaciated and riddled with disease.

There are so many stray dogs in Georgetown. Many of them have been abandoned while they were pups perhaps. Or many may have just proliferated while feral.

Either way, the municipality appears to be doing nothing about it. There’s this interesting article that appeared in Stabroek News some time ago that discusses the issues of how people ‘stray’ dogs. Food for thought.

In the meantime, I might have to do some more research on the right persons to approach for the solution to  strays battling with disease.