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Sorry Blog.

I was holidaying in the Caribbean. (Although, technically, I am based in a Caribbean nation albeit on the terra firma of the South American continent).

I missed you and I’m sure, you did too. After all you look rather forlorn and bereft of juicy spicy posts.

I’ll make up for it and inundate you with reams of writing. (Although I make no promises to fill them in ways other than what did Jack Nicholson’s character in the ‘Shining’. He appeared so inspired in a morbid kind of way and all that typing took effort).

To come clean, well, I did arrive back home more than a couple of days ago. No, I wasn’t obsessed day and night with the Olympics and I didn’t catch the closing ceremony. I will incur many a ‘sheesh’ from the entire world community for not sharing the, err, Olympian interest in the Olympics.

But I was on holiday, remember ? Ok, so I did have time to watch ‘Spartacus’. There were Thracians there and many many Gladiators. Does that count?

I also caught up on the news report about some Congolese and Cameroonian athletes making themselves scarce in London, immediately after the games. See, I do read up on sportspersons.

Either way, here’s a picture of the Goddess Nike as she appears in a museum in Istanbul. (Wings appear clipped; does not in any way indicate, she is endorsing shoes or walking.) Does that at least signal I am not so bereft of a sports appreciation gene ?

Promise to write  tomorrow.