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On August 1st , 1834, Slavery was abolished in the then British Guiana along with in other British Colonies. It has come to be known as Emancipation day when the Afro-Guyanese became partially free. Full freedom from slavery came only four years after.

Today is the 178th anniversary of the Emancipation and people will gather in the National Park in Georgetown for a few celebrations where they will don garbs reminiscent of the African subcontinent, partake of food of African origin and other such cultural activities.

Although, people will be exhorted to be proud of their racial identity, as happens here during many festivities that involve either the Indo Guyanese or the Afro Guyanese. It is perfectly acceptable that people love being part of a community and strive diligently to maintain their differences, but in light of a ‘human family’ and ‘world citizenship’, it would not be far fetched to encourage people to strive for emancipation from the servitude to human segregation, casteist groupism and regionalism.

Happy Emancipation day all !