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Guyana has a population of approximately 750,000 people, the rest, an equal number of Guyanese having emigrated for greener pastures elsewhere. Of those who have been left behind, there are plenty who would like to move away.

Wading through all the horror stories in the media, living the experience in the city (read as  poor infrastructure, 33% income tax rate, 16% VAT) and now the police brutality in Linden, does take its toll.

People are questioning the Ministry of Home affairs and challenging its displayed lack of authority and accountability for unchecked police violence in Linden.

If the Administration has lost control, it would be unfortunate indeed and Guyana would be in troubled waters.

Worse yet, the ever increasing gap between the haves and have nots, only helps to fuel already raw and volatile emotions. Throw in some who display a clear sense of entitlement, a bit of mob violence and polarized political parties playing the race card, voila! we have  civil strife in the making.

The US embassy has already issued travel advisories for it’s citizens in Guyana and has warned them not to travel to Linden.

Sad times for Guyana, not only in the fact that people can be murdered by the very same forces meant to protect, but that in the ensuing aftermath, everybody is still playing the blame game and to date, nobody has been held accountable for what happened in Linden.