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The Mayor and City Council are planning meetings to discuss measures to curb garbage dumping through massive clean up exercises, public awareness campaigns and most striking of all, the council will develop a ‘name and shame’ feature of litterbugs in the media.

Lovely ! I wonder if it will work though? But, it just might, fingers crossed.

Whilst discussing with well meaning Guyanese who have tried garnering support from their more immediate neighbourly community and having met with resounding failure, mostly due to what I’d interpret as the Genovese Syndrome, it is little wonder that there is very little community initiative in cleaning up their own surrounds.

The Bystander effect according to wikipedia , is a social psychological phenomenon that refers to cases where people do not offer help in an emergency situtation to the victim when many other bystanders are present.

It so happens, that in a friendly neighbourhood, the probability of people pitching in efforts to clean up the frontyard trenches decreases with the other available options configured to assist, eg. the government, the municipal council, the NGO’s or some others.

So until people realize that their frontyard mess is indeed their problem, there will be no cleaning up of Georgetown.