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It appears that the temporary pontoons that broke under the bridge were replaced by another temporary pontoon, while the permanent pontoon remained to be installed. If media reports are to be believed, then temporary pontoons have been used all the time under the bridge with no issue thus far, until monday of course. The cost of repairs has not been divulged to the media either.

There has been much chaos at the Vreed en Hoop stelling. The Stellings on either side of the river are in need of maintenance, repair work, more investment. The Government also has two Chinese made Ferries that were idling in the river while people suffered greatly trying to get across the river on beseiged speed boats that were also facing fuel scarcity from major fuel stations.

Sigh, if only those ferries were fairies and and canoes could fly.

Sad times for people in Guyana and for people everywhere. Stange economic shenanigans rule lands, in every age, every epoch, every place,  and it appears that, we all,  the general masses, exist to just get by.