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A small section of the Harbour bridge sank on monday. There is round the clock activity going on towards installation of a permanent pontoon.

Photo credit: Stabroek News

Liz told me this funny story related to the bridge. A bus driver on his way across it, with a busload of passengers suddenly realized his bus was heading down a now sloping structure. So greatly frightened was he, he stopped the vehicle, got out and ran for his life. Many yards on, as the confusion ebbed, he remembered his passengers, so he ran back to the bus.

He ordered them out and asked them to run for their lives. And so they all ran together. Then, up on his way, he realized that salt water could damage his vehicle and he might just have a wee bit of a chance to save it. So he ran back, boarded his bus and reversed full throttle.

And that was the end of his Demerara bridge saga.