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The word ‘protest’ has many connotations in times like these. On July 18th, people in Linden, were protesting the increase in electricity tariffs and in the ensuing fracas between the police and the protesters, three men lost their lives. What resulted unfortunately was the stoking of racial tensions, riling of the raw emotions of communities, destruction of public property and looting. As the blame game continues with the media citing political permission to open fire, commenters suggesting retributive action against not only police, but also politicians and foreigners, the racial card being played out (again political shenanigans), it is unfortunate that the issue that begun this in the first place has now been conveniently sidetracked.

Tomorrow, there’ll be a protest march against the events in Linden, starting fom the Square of the Revolution. Although it is expected to be peaceful, looking at what goes on in the world today, one cannot but help wonde,r when young disaffected youth with ample time on their hands, in search of validation for their existence will take to violence. At the same time, one cannot help but be amazed at the apathy of the political will and the snail pace at which efforts to help the populace are conducted.

Sad indeed.