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In Guyana, people tend to bury their dead with articles of value to the person deceased. But, valuables can appear inordinately attractive to persons seeking to rob the grave. Sometimes, it’s the casket that they may be after for sale on the black market later. Hence the reason, caskets are battered a bit before the grave is filled; it deters thieves.

But sometimes, a grave digger can be your angel of mercy, especially if you awaken from coma, in a casket six feet under. This happened years ago to an old woman, who slipped into coma, due to unbearable pain after fracturing a limb. The doctor declared her comatose but the family in their infinite wisdom decided to bury her ??!!

And so she lay there until the grave diggers came and obviously, rose sephulcrally, Lazarus style and sent the thieves scurrying away from what they perceived, Dracula’s minion.

She returned home, knocked on the door and declared it was mummy outside. The children ran away (ah! in times like those). The poor old lady spent her days sitting lonely, in a rocking chair, staring. A month later, she died for real.

Sad, very sad.