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There’s a young dead caiman that’s been lying at the side of the road on Homestretch Avenue. The creature was discovered in the reeds of the lotus lily filled trench, while some persons went scouring the large lily leaves for Puja.

I felt sad at seeing this beautiful (yes, fierce) creature lying humiliatingly, belly up, on the side of the road, whose only offence seemed existing in a roadside trench, far away fom human habitation.

Caimans, do appear in trenches in Georgetown, sometimes the floods can bring them right into ones courtyard.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to encounter a caiman while crossing a river or a tributary, in case you had an unfortunate fall into one.

But the killing of this caiman, made me wonder at the ethics of slaughtering a creature, perversely, for just being in an area, where one had no business of going in the first place.