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The gardener informed me today that the Mango tree or Mangifera indica specimen that I have in the backyard, is actually the queen of all mangoes, the Julie Mango ! This variety appears to have been imported into Guyana from Trinidad.

The tree is not huge and an amateur climber like me could get to the topmost branch in no time. Hell, yes !

The pulp of the fruit is considerable and it is not too fibrous. It is the sweetest mango I’ve ever tasted. Furthermore, the tree appears to be either in bloom or mango production for the past six months !! That, by far, is the most incredible thing I’ve encoutered with regard to a mango tree and fruit production.(Sorry neighbour ! Her tree appears to have just begun to flower.)

I also find the backyard populated with a great variety of birds, from kiskadees to macaws, parrots, (hummingbirds for the flowers), descending there for their fix of sapodillas, bananas and mangoes. For some particular reason, they all seem keen on avoiding the golden apples.

Or perhaps it’s just the charm of the sweet Julie mango.