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When you mix lime juice with water and sugar you get, what is known in Guyana as Swank.

Swank is popular in Georgetown. Why not, with the real authentic Demerara sugar we sweeten our drinks with, unlike the High Fructose Corn Syrup laced drinks of North America, we still have a better deal.

Here’s a gread way to ensure you have lime juice to last you a month without having to get out the knives, juicers and lime press each time.

Take one kilo of limes, squueze out the juice. Add 750 g of demerara sugar to it, stir until it dissolves. Bottle and refrigerate.

A small portion of this concentrate can be used each time to make lime sodas or a refreshing plain lime drink with water.

Enjoy !

Also, do not discard the squeezed limes. Collect them in a glass jar, add at least 20 % of salt by weight of the limes and give it a good tumble every once in a day. Keep for a fortnight until the limes change colour and the skins get soft. These can now be the basis for a nice pickle or you could just use them as seasoning for your next chicken tagine.