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Now this is something I have yet to get my head around. I have managed to create yet another collection point for every thing that is paper and have been successful in getting all the paper waste there. The problem is, I now, know not, what to do with it.

I have tried to convince the ‘barbecue chief’ to use it to incinerate the briquettes for the kettle barbecue. Alas, no such luck, he prefers his electric lighter and I am left with a bucketload of scrap paper.

So I worked my way through tons of advice online, on how to use paper scraps in the manufacture of briquettes. It all sounds great. The appliances being sold online for a purpose such as this look good and effective too but this one caught my eye for it’s simplicity and efficacy.

Although I would love to fancy that I have the time and energy to venture into briquette making, well, in all practicality, briquette making is something that could be undertaken at a cottage industry level to generate income.

A lot of people enjoy barbecueing in Georgetown and briquettes are a great way to use up all the waste paper instead of coal. The ones mentioned above can also be used with paper slurry mixed with sawdust and wood shavings.