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Here’s a laudable initiative that was launched by the Environmental Community Health Organization (ECHO) in Guyana on september 18th 2011; the School Recycling Programme at St. Margaret’s Primary School  on Camp Street. It was expected that 40 schools would join the green initiative. ECHO already has 40 echo-clubs in schools in different regions, which are used as conduits to disemminate information about the environment to young people.

Solid waste management is turning into quite an ugly issue in Guyana. Georgetown appears scarred by the various PET bottles and styrofoam boxes clogging the drains that were once the hallowed preserve of lotus lillies and tilapia. As the drains are clogged, areas that are low lying are flooded easily during a downpour. And a dirty overflowing drain, needless to say, generally lowers the quality of life and one’s neighbourhood.

So, a programme like this, aims to increase awareness of one’s environment. It will hopefully teach us all to prioritise management of wastes and decrease the apathy towards solid wastes and effluents generated by households and industries alike,  in guyana.