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I was out and about in Bourda Market, admiring all the different varieties of fruit.

Stopping by at a vendor, I picked up what looked like a cluster of green miniature lychees. Turned out they were Genip.

The vendor asked me to sample one, which I did and promptly bought a bunch. As I wandered off to the stall that sold cherries, I saw a little boy suck at a genip. Alright, so that’s how I eat genip. And since the juicy creamy pulp is just the seed coat of the huge seed that rests in the skin, the only way to eat it is to suck at the fruit. Hence the name mamoncillo or ‘mamar’ which means to suck.

Genip is botanically known as Melicoccus bijugatus, belongs to the soapberry family. It is found in the tropics, including the Carribean and Central America.

I enjoyed the fruit. It’s sweet and tangy and a must try if you come by to Guyana.