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I admire cats. They are elegant, intelligent and mysterious. They are ‘the Kierkegaard’ of the animal kingdom.

Like this four pawed existentialist called Henri, who mulls over the same questions, we think of from time to time; when we allow ourselves the liberty to do so, that is.

Like the cat, it has always been my wont to question one’s higher purpose in life. All readings of evolutionary metaphysics, while not necessarily presenting you with the perfect explanation, makes you come to terms with the fact that you aren’t the only one posing the questions.

It is noteworthy that Henri has reached a moral justification for his own existence and concludes with a deliberation; ‘I am my own cat’.

So while the world lies steeped in unrest and we can all concur that we are indeed, nothing but a bunch of smart monkeys hanging on to this space rock, lets us spare a few moment and appreciate Henri the Cat.