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So I am having a lovely day, baking to a crisp in the Carribean sun and I finally make it to my car, parked on Water Street, outside Muneshwars. lo and behold!! someone has double parked behind me !!!!

So I go to the police post nearby to ‘report’ the problem.

Me: Officer, I have a problem. Someone has double parked behind me and I have an appointment to keep. Can you please do something about it?

Officer: Double parked has he? Well, we can’t do much. We’ll just wait for him to return.

Me: But Officer, perhaps you can call a traffic cop and have his car towed away so that I can leave.

Officer: Well, I don’t know the number of the traffic police. But somebody is going to get ‘thin’ when he comes back.

(I think I heard him say the word ‘thin’, although I do not know what it means )

Me: Well, so we’ll just wait here for him to come back ? (I am swearing at myself mentally for not having an umbrella on me; sizzle sizzle, roast roast  !!! )

Moral of the story:

There are 36 offences for which traffic tickets can be issued in Guyana, but unfortunately, the traffic department couldn’t monetize on this opportunity that befell me today ). The recent bill passed by the National Assembly to reform the traffic ticketing and motor vehicle licence renewal process provides for increases in penalties for failure to pay traffic tickets in addition to some other provisions.

Despite all of this, I had to wait quite some time before two men hurriedly walked to the car. They looked more scared than apologetic and were asked to have a word with the police officer.

I drove off, happy for the respite from the noon sun.