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I had been reading a bit about Guyanese herbs lately, ever since I got presented with a ‘Tisane’ bush tea, herb plant. Also, because I like what Guyana’s flora has to offer. All these exquisite medicinal plants and a knowledge of them that appears to be dwindling with the demise of all the ‘Big people’ (or Old people).

So Bill Rogers (or Augustus Hinds) sings this Shanto song (1930’s) and it is fun. He details out the common names of many popular herbs still used by Guyanese locals and the Amerindians.

The Weed Song, speaks of more weed than you may care to know, but it has inspired me enough to grow some of the specimens in my herb garden.

Next acquisition will be ‘jumbie bubbie’, don’t know what that is, but it sure sounds good.