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Well, todays post is not about Guyana or the various tribulations of expatriate life in Guyana or the weather in Georgetown ! Heck, it isn’t even about the trials encountered in locating scarce technicians equipped to handle a wayward dishwasher.

Today, I wish to write about grooming. As in how a mundane and seemingly inocuous activity such as  this, that shaves off precious minutes off the time in a day, is given much amount of  deliberate direction, although not much rumination over.

In fact, it isn’t even given much of a passing mention in the great void of the internet. Search terms on grooming, mostly yield rich information on grooming canines, more specifically cocker spaniels, much to the detriment of labradors, chihuahuas and other mangy mongrels. Sometimes, persistent trawling might yield a treasure trove on grooming horses.

Not that other specific search terms wouldn’t yield info on us, measly homo sapiens; like cleaning your teeth, or doing your eyebrows, or bathing or combing your hair while working the treadmill. The latter accomplishes a veritable massage at either extremity if conducted simultaneously, by the by.

But what about regular grooming, as in performing the days ablutions ? How much time do we devote to this specific activity? Grooming in its entireity? There is no single treatise on the subject, the last one I read being in Dominique Lapierre’s, ‘Freedom at Midnight’; about the Brahman’s daily morning ablutions before the 19th century which involved the deliberate squirting of water around the person while squatting, in clockwise or was it anticlockwise direction?

I googled the terms ‘getting ready’ and it yielded various popular options like getting ready for marriage, for a baby, for pregnancy, for prom? World! How about an option of like, ‘getting ready’, for say,’ life’? or just’ the morning’?

It must be noted that grooming takes time and for persons hard pressed for time, (as when precious time is required to research into repairing your own dishwasher or learning all there is to know about the entrails of one’s dishwasher, because it is so much more fun), the need to entrench this one essential activity into your daily schedule, requires planning and commitment.

For persons working on a set, firm unwavering routine, this can be a huge dilemma. For those of you who can understand why it is important to carry each activity in a sequential order, for instance, brush your teeth, then rush downstairs and hook on the coffee machine, then rush someplace else and brush your hair, you may be aware that this routine cannot be disturbed by say, a wayward spouse or perhaps a child demanding breakfast before the school bus arrives in five minutes ! For those of you who do not understand…… well, never mind, I don’t think you will ever understand.

Which gets me back to my moot point, the need for a necessary debate on daily grooming; the need for more light to be shed on this essential activity, the need for forums detailing the requisite time to be alloted for this or cheatsheets on how to accomplish the basic essentials in say, 19 minutes !

Perhaps, in one of my future posts, I may be able to yield an answer to this self raised query. Till then I fret over how to accomplish placing all the bottles of shampoo in the bath in gradually increasing degrees of height while battling my teeth with a toothbrush for exactly 3 and a half minutes.