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Tibisiri is the twine woven out of fibres derived from the ‘Ite Palm’ in Guyana. This twine is then used to create hammocks, baskets, various handicraft items.

The Ministry of Amerindian Affairs has a tiny craft shop that sells a few products containing tibisiri. The shop doesn’t do much on the publicity front as the only information I had about it was from the Bradt Guide to Guyana. But the salespeople were helpful with information.

The area around the post office is also popular with tourists shopping for handicrafts and stuffed alligators. (real alligators !)

“Creations” on Water Street also have many handicrafts as well as Python skins. I’m sure, if you aren’t queasy about draping a dead python about your sofa or wall, there’s always a lot many animal skins to choose from in Georgetown. For those who prefer flora, well, there are creations woven out of tibisiri, or baskets and chairs made of liana cane and nibbi.

There are many other crafts places around town. I’ve yet to visit.