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I’ve had a haircut and with all my tresses shorn off, I feel I am better able to handle all the humidity and high temperatures of Georgetown.

Weekend spent doing nothing much, just lazy driving around town, binging on Chinese Food, watching a video of a concert by Adele at the Royal Albert Hall, as well as catching up on the 53rd Grammy’s. (Yes, it appears I’m lagging behind on the English music scene, but also seems I haven’t missed much).

Adele swears incessantly, a trait I’ve read about and experienced first hand last night. The colourful language interspersed by some of her more popular numbers (which swept the Grammys this year).

The 53rd Grammy’s performance found me enduring a great amount of loud music and hackneyed performances with very few vocals of supreme clarity. Nah, not the yodeling yowling varieties. There were lots of those with Hudson and Aguilera et al (although I like the way Hudson sings). But plain simple vocals, where you can actually hear and feel what they were singing. Musicians who can truly play (although ‘Mumford and sons’ are greatly impressive). I couldn’t even hear Bob Dylan accompanied though he was by a great many talented musicians. I don’t suppose he could hear himself either, over the din.

The Grammy’s with its 78 or so awards , showcase a great deal of talent, persons who’ve achieved popularity and fame, largely english songs, some Spanish ones thrown in for good measure, rehashed Classicals, many very energetic performers; this less than exhaustive list already exhausts me.

Here’s Natasha Marsh singing beautifully  ‘Si un jour’. Best way to relax this evening.