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There’s an alley cat prowling about our property, stealthily at night when the skies are dark and the guard possibly asleep. I call him Sylvester because he is ebony with pretty white paws, white around his whiskers and a white tipped tail. Just like the cat with the nemesis, Tweety.

He’s sly and quick, so I cannot obviously get him on camera.

He comes over at night and stalks the birds nesting in the silver leaf tree.

Have you ever thought of cats as funny? No, I think not. They are notoriously grim, most of the times, except when they get cheeky and lunge at you.

Now, the Guyanese seem to be fond of dogs and there appear to be quite a number of them walking the streets. And you know how it is with stray dogs. Tens of males following a female in heat and creating a nuisance of themselves. Harangued looking females. Agressive leader of the pack males. Many dogs with fur patches missing  or with skin that appears to be wrecked by fungal infections. Animal cruelty according to me is an uncared for and starving dog walking the street with a hard to be rid of fungal infection assailing the skin.

The cats make a  special appearance every now and then, mostly slinking away from aggressive dogs or rummaging the trash cans or stalking the birds. Given the nocturnal nature of their wanderings, it’s no surprise that I haven’t seen many during the day.

The cats I used to know would prefer lounging around the place all day long, performing Marjari Asana (or  to the yoga uninitiated, the cat stretch pose). I miss them all, though they weren’t mine.

I leave you with one of Chris the cat demonstrating Marjari Asana.

The cat called Chris