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It’s Good Friday today and the weather has taken a turn for the bleak and dark and dreary.

Well, it rained all of last night and I must admit, my plants look thrilled, the bird bath is filled to capacity with the cherub relieved of it’s water dispensing duties and all around looks  freshly washed and green.

Last night was the night Santa came over, early this year. Having received our much awaited consignment, we spent the whole night eagerly unpacking. We even managed to assemble a large number of furniture pieces. Couldn’t wait for the weekend.

Now we have here a hillock of boxes, a large number of open crates and I am feeling remorseful about the environment. There isn’t any recycling in Georgetown that I’ve come across, so it would pain me to see all of this go into the compactor of our rear loading garbage trucks as it did two months ago as well.

Mount Roraima of boxes in the garage

So what do I do with the boxes and the crates? The surplus wood gives me great ideas for vegetable planters and notice boards but there are only so many  I can have in the house.

This could as well be the Kanuku range of a great many diverse packing materials

Hmmm, this is a question that begs more than just a weekend to ponder over.

So for now, let me help myself to my daily caffeine boost  off la macchinetta. On a not so serious note, Alessi is the grandson of Alfonso Bialetti.

My morning cuppa

Now, why on earth would a discussion on trash end with Bialetti. Because, some mornings you are just allowed to vent and enter domain I-can-be-silly-today.com