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We planned to cross the Harbour bridge, but got waylaid. Eventually, found ourselves at Gafoors in Houston. Yes, there’s a Houston in Georgetown.

We then circled around that part of town and  found another interesting area called McDoom; the name looks forbidding.

Finally, made our way to the Hardware store again, where I was out hunting for watering cans, a new garden hose and some more tools for the garden. Gardening equipment can never be enough. At least for me. Imagine a trip along the aisles and I can get waylaid by the chicken wire, (which I now remember needing for making a leaf mould composter), plywood, zinc sheets (seriously ! but textures interest me a great deal) and other such objects.

Perhaps, tomorrow, we might make the trip across the bridge.

This evening was just devoted to potting five different hues of bougainvillea, Ixora and some other ornamentals.

Ended the day with a lovely supper of homemade pita with hummus and fillets of grey snapper, broiled for a few minutes, with mwiri peppers, lemon, fresh cilantro and olive oil.