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I am in gardening bootcamp. Having busied myself over the past one week, towing plants in from as far as Annandale, from this very amiable woman called Bibi who has a nursery past Buxton.

Lee came over to clear out the yard and pointed out the various pests I had, lurking on the trees and shrubs.

We managed to get rid of two large bags of bird vine. And all that while, I had never suspected, thinking they were the natural foliage of the ornamentals I had there.

Phthirusa adunca is a straggling parasitic shrub and it’s fruits are transported by birds to different locales. Hence the name, bird vine.

This nasty little creature was strangulating the Ficus and the Curry leaf plant. I had to prod at the ardent and firm embrace of many of the parasitic stems with that of the host branches.

I am now closely monitoring the yard for any signs of wayward bird vine sprouting on the trees.