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I ought to begin a section on the herbs native to Guyana and predominantly used in it’s cuisine. Today, I’d like to introduce an edible herb pointed out to me, by three different persons, growing unobtrusively in my backyard, Eryngium foetidum . Therefore, conclusively, non poisonous as attested by three people.

Also known as Culantro (not to be confused with Cilantro) or Shado beni or bandhania,  it has a distinct aroma and I’m sure it would make a great addition to a marinade or even  a salad. It is used in Trinidadian cooking as well as in other parts of the Carribean. The herb is pungent like cilantro, much stonger though and since I am unable to locate fresh coriander leaves in the local market, culantro could be a good substitute.

Perhaps, I’ll try planting it as well; let’s see how that goes.