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Subsequent to my gardening travails, turn up one sunny day (as in two days ago) , two  knights  in shining armour. Well, perhaps more of Don Quixote e Sancho Panza.They claimed  that they had the potting mixes for all the empty receptacles in the garden.

So they heave off many a sack of cow manure, leaf mould and then promise to come back with some soil.

Come back they did, with three large sacks of muck drawn up from the canal. Before you go ewwwww, it was all dry, that is, all dry clumps of clay. While I weighed the options on whether to resort to planting rice or take to pottery, the more pragmatic side of me winced at the future suffering of my future plant wards.

So I asked them to re pack or re sack all that they dumped in the front yard.

Beside the usual arguments of how incredibly rich the soil was, they finally grumbled away as they towed all those unyielding solid clumps of clay, in their getaway vehicle.

On my request to return with better soil, they said they ‘don’t wanna work for me no more’.

Anyway, good riddance, to these two who tried to scamp me. (Scamp is pronounced skee – amp out here, and that sounds so much better).

Folks, I just about managed to get a few pictures of their getaway vehicle. Although, this was no Rocinante…………