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I indulge my green thumb with a bit of soil, manure, potting mixes and such like. it keeps my hyperactive mind occupied with let’s say, greener pursuits. Have been incessantly calling a number of suppliers of gardening implements, of which there happen to be many. There’s the National Hardware Store, Muneshwers, Guyana Stores (the hardware section) and many others. There’s also ‘The Plant Shop’ on Sherrif Street, that sells plants and potting soil and cement pots as well  (+592-2278094).

Last week, we were headed towards the embankment area, further up from the CARICOM premises and happened to see this vast display of pots, at the Devi Block Centre (222-8984, 613-7146, 695-3517). We bought around 15 large pots (that was all that could fit in the vehicle, carefully stacked). But I’ve been thrilled and ready to get down and dirty amid the already nebulous memories of the garden I left behind.

On another note, lawn cutting services are available abundantly. There’s always someone who comes around to cut the grass and trash it for you. They also prune the trees and plants and work the trenches outside the perimeter for a fee.

I hope that solves all the gardening issues you have or may have while in Georgetown. Shall update this post if I encounter anything new.