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Having tried Antonio’s grill on Sherrif Street and it appears to be popular with locals, we were still craving for the real taste of barbecued grilled broiled meat ! The halal, Italian Grille,on Sherrif Street, that aims for a Tuscan flavour didn’t really impress much. But it is a quiet and cozy place with plenty of parking all around. There are other popular eateries around, including a sandwich place, more like a snackette.

The brasilian, Churrascaria e Pizzeria, in or around Light Street was by far my favourite. A real wood oven with a lot of meat grilling away as also pineapples sprinkled with cinnamon. There is a choice of a buffet as well with many different concoctions of beans with pork, salads and such like. The meat is quite nice as well and it is a homely enough place run by Brasilians in Guyana.