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Although petty crime does occur in Georgetown, according to our security advisory, it is recommended that we avoid certain areas around Tiger Bay and Albouystown, especially at night. Sophia, Agricola and Buxton also appear on the list of avoidable places. Stabroek market can be the venue for opportunistic crimes. so it is advisable to travel about, bereft of all glittering precious adornments. Besides, it does help to hold your purse in front of your body rather than clutch at it sideways.

On the day of Phagwa, we drove along the East Coast Highway, all the way to Agricola and Buxton and beyond. The suburban areas are vast. The drive is lovely, the road free of potholes or incident.

The other day, the home of the deputy mayor of Georgetown got robbed at gunpoint. Prior to that, it was the home of the ex First Lady of Guyana. Criminal activity is surely on the rise. It appears that law enforcement agencies lack the necessary manpower to contain these incidents though they try very hard.

Private security companies like the MMC, Federal and others, abound. The unique thing about Federal is that it employs female guards for duties on private properties. It would appear to be a clear case of female emancipation and all that. The unfortunate aspect of this is that, many of the women who do enrol for guard duty are desperately poor single mothers in dire need of money.

We’ve caught our guards asleep on the job countless numbers of times. This is something we regularly dealt with in Dar es Salaam so it isn’t new, but disturbing, nevertheless. Another sad aspect is the lack of a deterrent electric fence around the perimeter, which is not the norm in Georgetown.

Eitherways, it is important to exercise caution within and outside of the home, while in the city. In Dar es Salaam, burglars invaded homes with machetes and out here, they hold you at gunpoint.

If in danger, it would be best not to resist. I hope I would never have to face such a situation and believe Georgetown to be relatively secure and peaceful most of the times.