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José  Feliciano wrote the song, ‘Rain’ in 1969, and it’s aptly describing the weather since last night. The canals and dykes look pristine, filled upto their brims with water, lilies and water hyacinth, besides the ubiquitous clumps of styrofoam boxes, plastic water bottles and other solids that serve to reinforce the quaint symbiotic association of water weeds and plastic waste. As I pass through Prashad Nagar, viewing properties soaking in water like sponges, making a mental note to not allow the gardener mow a very wet spongy lawn tomorrow. When I finally get home, the guard isn’t in her guard hut, so I yell her name above the din of rain pounding the roof, the road , the trees and pelting me in all directions. It’s lovely, the smell of rain washing away all there is to a grey grey day.