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The minor vexations of expatriate life include furniture building or furniture shipping or furniture puchasing in adopted country.

Having vexed myself further by trips to the Guy-america store, L-Mart, Liana Cane and finally Courts (all within two hours or so) and not having found anything that moved me to tears, we finally decided to ship some from overseas.

Although, there are some things that just ought to be made here; what with all the greenheart and purpleheart and a host of other hardwoods !

So that took me to looking for a carpenter and then confirming the prices of hardwoods at different wood working companies as well as lumber yards. Locating glass for table tops is a serious issue here. I discovered there was only upto 6mm thick glass available. As I got shunted (via the phone line) from Golden Bridge Inc to Royal Woodworking to Gafoors, I finally found that  3′ 6″ x 2′ 6″  glass sheets for my tables were available, although at a premium.

It would be great to have some more contacts for carpenters and glass places though……………is anyone out there?