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Have been very busy setting up house but have had a chance to explore around town.

Rudolph Marshall ferried me around today. He was a veritable treasure trove of information.

Told me about the sea wall and how the bandstand area was known in ‘taxi man parlance’ as the ‘window’.

……..because, everybody who goes out there is ‘looking out’, “and dats watch ye do, you look out de window, not the door, de window”.

So, I’ve got to go and spend some time next weekend at the sea wall and do some people watching to verify authenticity of above statement.

Suggested that I  try ‘New Thriving’, a Chinese restaurant in town, for it’s ‘landscape’, which translates into ‘ambience’. For he said, ‘even if the food is no good, the lanscape is meant to awe’.

We had Valentine’s eve supper at the aforementioned restaurant. All I can say is that the chandeliers glittered like swarovski crystals and there were many of those……..hmmmmm…….were we talking about food?