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When I first sighted the lamaha canal, I asked them which river it was………… and the rivers……….. they don’t look like rivers.

A person from Trinidad, once going across the Demerara, asked if they were crossing the ocean over to another country.

Guyana is the land of many waters and many rivers.

The Essequibo being the largest, arising in the Acarai mountains, it then flows for more than a thousand kilometres northwards  into the Atlantic Ocean.

The trenches and gutters are filled with algal slime in some places, or worse still with plastic waste others, but a lot many are still lush with huge water lilies, white, pink, burgundy.

The canals are more or less in spate and are muddy looking as are the rivers.

The sun’s shining dazzlingly today and everywhere is many shades of green and gaily coloured houses, like a Burano on mailand.