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The King Weakfish

Macrodon ancyclodon or the King weakfish, found in the Atlantic with juveniles inhabiting the mud flats and the estuaries, is very popular in Guyana.

Got it from the supermarket (haven’t ventured out to the Wharf or the Fish market yet) and had no clue what it was, so bought it for precisely that reason.

Fish Fillets

The supermarkets are fine, with a lot of North American products on the aisles. Everything seems to look like a sweet sauce and there’s lots of Mayonnaise. Some have very general names as in ‘Chinese Sauce’. I suppose I can add ‘Curry Powder’ to the list as well.

There’s Butterfish too, but more about that when I try cooking it.

I seasoned the Banga Mary fillets with a bit of salt, lime and a bit of ‘curry powder’, shallow fried before pouring over a coconut sauce enriched with tomatoes, scallions and garlic.

I hope, the other half appreciates the effort.