Word on the street is…………


, , , , , , ,

…………that the commonplace sex,

Engaged in by commonplace students,

At a commonplace school,

Took the city by uncommon storm.


Aware they were, of teen fellatio, teen pederasty, teen sex ,

Never subject though to vivid portrayals in their Newsfeed at an hour

When the blood thirsty Chikungunya mosquitoes had long retreated

And the humidity decided to stay to enliven the night.


Video subject to many likes, in the fashion of the day,

And dislikes, in the fashion of antediluvian hominids.

Vicariously not a pleasurable scene for now they were all exposed;

In a city so small, everyone knows everybody else’s black booty.


So herein there are whispers of coolie boys

Running a racket of nubile underage Negresses

For sexual congress, that now mirrors sexual transgress,

Though it’s not unheard of to lift your skirt for a 1000 and a Cadbury .


Now these little kids of 13 through all suffixes teen,

could have the temerity to think of such lewdness ?

So the expulsion has come to punish not lewd behaviour and brazen media display

Hell, heck! For this, Miley Cyrus would be in Jail,


But the expulsion promises to penalize lewd thoughts,

Real abstractions, that will be denounced,

Vehemently obliterated from a pure juvenile world

That’s filled with plastic barbies, swearing X boxes and Slenderman.


There is no pregnancy, venereal disease, outrage at sensationalist media,

But there are hurt feelings, moral outrage,

Abstractions against abstractions,

Unanimously declaring that the real victims be rid of their education.


On a case in Georgetown recently wherein students are being expelled from school for engaging in the sex act at their home and posting it on social media.

Cadbury – People in Guyana use the brand name as a generic term for chocolate

Plastic Barbie – Obsession with young teenage girls to achieve the plasticity of their online ideals and the proportions of their childhood doll

Slenderman – a horror video game; recently in the news when two young girls were inspired by the character to stab and murder their friend

Coolie Boy – Guyanese boy of Indian origin

Miley Cyrus – Teen icon, popstar, last seen licking a hammer and atop a wrecking ball